Some biography info is taken from Trevor’s website:

Gorgeous hunky model Trevor Adams is originally from Spring, north of Houston, Texas. He now lives in a downtown Houston.

Trevor says that he was always told at a young age that he should be a model, but he never really knew what that was.

He first started modelling when he was 20 yrs old. He went to Neal Hamil model agency with his mother and the agent told initially told him that that he would need to lose around 20 pounds of hard earned muscle in order to work with their company, but he wasn't willing.

Trevor was 220 lbs at the time and worked hard to get that buffed and he wasn't going to give it up that easy. But the agent referred him to a fitness photographer ( and that’s the way it all started for Trevor.

His very first test shoot made him extremely nervous. As difficult as it may seem, Trevor was shy and had little confidence in himself, not even enough to pose in a speedo.

But the photographer was very patient with him and helped him to get the confidence he needed to pursue his modelling career.

Trevor says that the best thing about modelling is getting to meet all the awesome models and photographers, not to mention the exposure that one can get from all the publicity.

Trevor is really into sports, especially water sports such as jet ski, water ski, swimming, boating, etc. He also played baseball during grade school.

He finds hard to pick the part of his body he likes the most as he tries to pay attention to every part of the body the same when working out. But if he had to chose he’ll go with his arms, because that's what he gets the most compliments on.

When asked what his secrets to staying in shape are, Trevor says that diet is 80% of it all. If he wants to gain muscle mass or lean out a lot, he doesn’t do anything different in the gym, he just alters his diet; consume less carbs and fat.

Trevor says that the most important thing in his life would be total happiness. Although travelling to meet new people and see other places is important too as going across seas to Europe to look around and network; being very successful in whatever the future brings him and starting his own animal charity.

Trevor has worked with photographers such as Adam Bouska, Jason Ellis Photography, Ray John Pila, DAndre Michael Inc, Rick Day, Empyrean Photography, Thomas Synnamon, Jeff Brewster, Keith Munyun, James Franklin among others.

Trevor’s impressive work includes:

Athletic Modeling & Casting (Houston)

Chelo Publishing (New York City)

American Health & Fitness magazine

Men's Exercise magazine

Exercise For Men Only magazine May issue 08

Connex 24-7 ( Sept 07', Feb 08'

Mens Workout - September Issue, 08

Men's Workout - November Issue, 08

Men's Workout - February Issue, 09

Men's Workout - August Issue, 09

Men's Workout - June Issue, 10,

Exercise and Health 08

Menudo Music Video - VH1, MTV, BET, etc

Health and Fitness Calendar (Houston) January 09

Cover Model for World Physique Fitness 08 (online)

WWE, extra for Wrestle Mania 25, 2009

Movie: My Guaranteed Student Loan

Cover Model: Instinct Magazine Aug 2009

Cover Model: Hot Spots Magazine - Florida - Aug, 2010

Cover Model: GLBT San Diego Times

DNA Magazine ( )

Refresh Blog - 2010 July Front page

Harlot Magazine - Ezine

Instinct Blog - Fitness Edition

Exercise for Men Only - March 2010 - Cover Model

Prevail Sport Model - 2010

Book: Photographer-Kurt Brown

Book: Photographer-Thomas Synnamon

Art Exhibit Model - Event: Artopia - Houston

Display Magazine - "Guy Candy" - 2010 … evor-adams … or-adams-7

TD Monthly - Manchester blog/print mag

OHLALA - beautiful blog 6/10

Vital statistics:

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 220 lbs

Chest: 48"

Waist: 32"

Hair colour: Blonde

Hair length: Short

Eye colour: Blue

Skin colour: Tanned